Summer Safety Sense – Avoiding Deadly Heat Sicknesses

It’s getting hot in the Central Valley. With summer heat comes heat-linked sicknesses and they can be deadly. High temperatures cause more than 600 deaths each year. Causes include heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, and heat rash. But these deaths can be prevented. For starters, observe the Summer HEAT SAFETY Rule of Five: Drink [...]

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Vaping: The Flavor of Addiction

A recent sudden lung illness outbreak from vaping has affected more than a thousand people; the youngest is 13. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Teens are nearly 7x more likely to vape nicotine than adults. American College of Physicians 4 out of 5 kids who vape nicotine use flavors National Institutes of Health Kids [...]

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Burned out on diabetes? Get answers—and get help

Burned out on diabetes? Diabetes is a needy disease—living with it isn't always easy. You may have a lot on your plate each day and a lot on your mind sometimes. “Of course, all people with diabetes have a bad day now and then. But burnout is a lot. If you have it, it may [...]

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