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Latest Healthcare Spotlights from Health Plan of San Joaquin (Latino TImes, January 2023)
Public health officials from the CDC to California’s Department of Public Health have expressed concern. Locally, Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ) shares this concern.
Drop in childhood immunization rates one effect of COVID-19 (Opinion column by HPSJ’s Dr. Priti Golechha, Stockton Record, December 3, 2022)
Special Healthcare Spotlights from Health Plan of San Joaquin (Latino Times, December 2022)

News we all can use to stay healthy and keep others safe.

Latino Times December 2022
physician wrap up

• HPSJ Announces $15 Million Investment to Locally Address Homelessness
• HPSJ Steps in as DHCS Sunsets the Value Based Payments Program (VBP)
• Enhancing Access to Quality Health Care – Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
• Breast Cancer Screening Pilot with Community Medical Centers (CMC)

San Joaquin PHYSICIAN Quarterly (San Joaquin Medical Society, Winter 2022, page 45)


Health Plan of San Joaquin announces $15 mil housing investment, October 2, 2022

infant formula shortage
​Special Healthcare Spotlights from Health Plan of San Joaquin (Latino TImes, November 2022)
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