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          Giving back to the community

Our Role in the Community

Health Plan of San Joaquin plays a critical role in the community.  As a leading health plan in our area, we support the overall health of our community and are committed to giving back to HPSJ members and local residents.  Each year, we sponsor various programs and events that provide access to improved health care for those in our service area.  

We provide healthcare value and advance wellness through community partnerships.

Our Markets:
Health Plan of San Joaquin accepts sponsorship and event proposal requests for our service areas.

Ready to get started?

Sponsorship Time Frame:
To allow enough lead time for marketing sponsorship and event decisions, a proposal must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the sponsorship/event start date. Health Plan of San Joaquin may not consider proposals that do not meet this criteria. Most reviews are completed within 60 days. For further assistance, please email marketingevents@hpsj.com

Community Reinvestment

Our Health Plan defines community reinvestment as its grantmaking approach supporting innovation within the local public health system, which is believed to lead to an improved local Medi-Cal delivery system.

Want to learn more?

Our Community Reinvestment Program is operating from a reinvestment plan or high-level roadmap for guiding strategic grant making engagements, utilizing surplus funds, to partnering with members of the local public health system and the community to improve community health and further Health Plan’s mission and vision.
If you have questions or comments related to our Community Reinvestment Program, please send an email to  grants@hpsj.com

Posted on March 6th, 2018 and last modified on March 13th, 2024.