New Year, New Tobacco-Free You You already know you should quit. More help for 2020!

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It’s not just about quitting smoking. It’s the chewing, dipping, and vaping. But there is room for hope.

HPSJ Chief Medical Officer Lakshmi Dhanvanthari, MD, said: “Millions of people have quit tobacco over the years. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) tells us slightly more than 34 percent of American adults used tobacco in 1978. Today that number is down to less than 16 percent.

That’s a big drop. Still, tobacco use remains the No. 1 preventable cause of premature death and disease. At Health Plan of San Joaquin, we’re committed to helping our members and community, and supporting all local providers as they tend to the good health of their patients.”

Yes, you can quit, too

No doubt, it’s hard to give up dip, e-cigarettes, vape pens, cigarettes, or other tobacco products. But there are local resources. Here is the checklist to save – or give to someone you know who would like to quit:

  • Over-the-counter nicotine replacement gum and patches
    • Prescription meds to help ease cravings like lozenges, Zyban, or Chantix – Check with your health insurer.
    • For HPSJ members this is a covered benefit.
  • Free help by phone or online from trained counselors at the CA Smokers’ Helpline. Sign up online to get a call at: org
  • Free support and tips by text message. Sign up by texting “Quit Smoking: to 6689 or sign up at: org/texting
  • The No Butts Mobile App at org — available for both iPhone and Android users
  • Free tips and tools from the CA Smokers’ Helpline, at .
Ready to Quit

California physicians can refer patients to the Helpline by visiting this link. Or, enter here.

HPSJ’s Dr. Dhanvanthari says, “Millions of Americans have quit tobacco, millions more will be successful. There is nothing to say you will not be one of them. Make this year the one where you get some help and try your best.”

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Posted on December 10th, 2019 and last modified on December 11th, 2019.