Health Plan of San Joaquin/Mountain Valley Health Plan Invests $100M in a three year Community Reinvestment Program!

Our Health Plan defines community reinvestment as its grantmaking approach supporting innovation which is believed to lead to an improved local Medi-Cal delivery system. Our Community Reinvestment Program is operating from a plan guiding strategic commitments, partnering with providers, clinics, hospitals, community based organizations, and our members to improve community health and further Health Plan’s mission and vision.


The following are the Guiding Principles of the Health Plan’s Community Reinvestment Program:

Goals &
Area of Focus

The Health Plan recognizes that some communities face significantly more socioeconomic barriers than others, preventing them from living their highest quality of life. The Health Plan will develop and implement strategies to eliminate such barriers, making it possible for all its members to become, and remain healthy.

The following details the area of focus and goals of this Community Reinvestment Plan

Area of Focus Goal

Increase the number of providers serving Health Plan members.

Provide support to programs directly impacting access and reducing barriers to quality care for our members.

Capital Improvements Improve facilities to promote high-quality and accessible care
Data Accessibility Increase the number of Health Plan providers using and consistently sending data to the Health Plan
Practice Transformation

90% of provider practices, participating in the Practice Transformation Initiative, to complete the program

Quality Align with current and future Health Plan priorities that improve access to and increase quality of care
Capacity Building - Community Based Organization Increase the number of community-based organizations serving as providers in relevant areas of need, e.g. Enhanced Care Management, CHW, Doula, Housing, Transportation, Healthy Food Access, Utilities, Domestic Safety, etc., in all Health Plan Service areas

Plan &

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Opportunities & Apply

We are proud to announce the following grant opportunities:

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Posted on January 9th, 2024 and last modified on March 13th, 2024.