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Many people in our area have not received the vaccine yet. It is a very important, personal choice to make. Maybe you have questions or need to know where to get a vaccine. You may also have concerns about if it is safe.  Each of us can protect our family and friends and restore our [...]

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Let’s not forget to schedule regular healthcare checkups – Latino Times August 2021

As we continue to work for the full reopening of California’s economy… let’s not forget to schedule regular healthcare check-ups. All individuals and families, especially those with young children, are encouraged to schedule a check-up with a healthcare provider as soon as possible. Our healthcare providers and their practice staff are eager to help. View […]

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San Joaquin PHYSICIAN, Fall 2020: HPSJ Stories (San Joaquin Medical Society)

IN THE NEWS: Michael Schrader, Health Plan of San Joaquin CEO – Leading for ongoing preventative care and COVID-era collaborations On the Road to More Safe Reopening – Well Child Outreach, A Provider/Health Plan of San Joaquin Campaign PPE RELIEF: CMA Distributes two-month supply of free PPE to more than 40K California Physicians – Local […]

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