About Health Plan of San Joaquin – HPSJ has been serving members enrolled in publicly-funded programs in the heart of the Central Valley since 1996. As a publicly sponsored, not-for-profit, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), we have a contract with the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to manage health care for Medi-Cal members.

We continuously work to improve the health of our community by providing access to high quality cost-effective health care to almost 335,000 members – serving families in San Joaquin and Stanislaus Counties.

2019 Community Report

Message from Amy Shin
Chief Executive Officer

As we start a new decade and my tenure at HPSJ comes to a close, this is the perfect opportunity to look back over the health care landscape and see how far we have come over the past few years. I hope you, too, will find this snapshot illustrates some of why we have growing confidence in the emerging trend we and our partners are generating for measurably improved health for this region and all we serve.

Our local economy is getting better.
One of my aspirations since coming to HPSJ seven years ago has been to see our members fully utilize our services towards gaining the solid footing they need to transition to employer-sponsored health care coverage. We now are beginning to see that happen.

2019 Community Report

2019 Community Report

As we continue to strive for a vibrant local economy, the upward regional trends in earnings and employment are encouraging. By the end of the decade, we had made great strides in closing gaps with the rest of the state. The unemployment rates were still higher than California’s statewide 3.9% rate, with 5.3% in San Joaquin County and 5.2% for Stanislaus County, but the trend is in the right direction. With more able to work, 2019 median household incomes also grew for San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties ($61,145 and $57,387, respectively), to levels closer to California’s $71,228 2019 median income. Again, a trend in the right direction.

With these positive trends, HPSJ now serves about 335,000 members. We celebrate this encouraging trend.

More new members choose HPSJ.
For those in our community still needing the support of Medi-Cal during life transitions, given a choice between our local-rooted HPSJ (the major nonprofit managed care, public health plan) and the other health plan option, throughout 2019 new Medi-Cal beneficiaries overwhelmingly chose HPSJ. The numbers tell the story of our community’s trust in us:

  • 92.5% of new San Joaquin County beneficiaries chose Health Plan of San Joaquin; HPSJ had over 91% of the county’s total Medi-Cal market share in 2019
  • 82.7% of new Stanislaus County beneficiaries also chose HPSJ; HPSJ had over 67% of the county’s total Medi-Cal market share in 2019

Prospecting – and finding – silver-linings in HPSJ’s nonprofit, local health plan landscape.
That so many new members are choosing HPSJ is gratifying. But being local, with deep roots maintained throughout our community, tells only part of the story.

When facing the real-world, daily pressures for our wonderfully diverse, medically vulnerable community, we have never had sufficient revenue and talent. That is why we have focused on innovation, hired and trained a first-rate HPSJ workforce willing to think creatively and hold themselves accountable, and sought out myriad local collaborations to leverage those resources and talents we do have.

We are proud to share our latest Community Report. In it we feature how our decade of investment is paying off. Then we share our sanguine strategies in 2019 to deliver for our members and community: women’s health, healthcare provider collaborations, and local healthcare workforce development.

2019 Community Report

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Posted on December 1st, 2016 and last modified on March 17th, 2020.