HPSJ HEALTHY SMILES Program Established 2015, San Joaquin & Stanislaus Counties

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A happy baby deserves healthy teeth

HPSJ HEALTHY SMILES Program Established 2015, San Joaquin & Stanislaus Counties

“A healthy smile starts at birth. That’s why HPSJ launched the Healthy Smiles program four years ago, to help children have healthy teeth. HPSJ offers fluoride varnish, tablets, and drops to our network doctors for their young HPSJ patients – and we continue to train doctors and staff throughout our provider network.” – HPSJ Provider Service Representative Claudia Potosme

Fluoride, yes, it’s that mineral released from rocks into the soil, water, and air. And, fluoride is vital for a child’s changing mouth. It protects teeth from cavities by stopping or reversing tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that are often found in sugary drinks like soda or fruit juice. Those bacteria make acid and remove minerals from the tooth. Fluoride helps put minerals on the tooth and stops cavities from forming.  

As the holiday season starts – HPSJ’s oral health education program continues

Children must brush their teeth twice a day to stop plaque buildup and cavities. That can also mean fewer trips to the dentist to get cavities filled. If a child gets cavities in their baby teeth, they are at much greater risk for cavities as adults. Let’s help every child have a pain free mouth – a pain free education – and a healthier, better life!

Things your child – and you – can do to help you both have a healthy smile:

  • Brush twice a day – for 2 minutes each time
  • Change toothbrushes every 4 months
  • First birthday, first visit with the dentist – Mark it on the family calendar!
  • Eat colorful veggies and fruits
  • Plan a visit with your child’s doctor for fluoride varnish, to be done each year

We know stopping unnecessary dentist visits is hard with a growing family.

But HPSJ is working with all of the doctors who see our youngest members. Each of these HPSJ providers has access to fluoride varnish, tablets, and drops which can be used to protect teeth from cavities.  

Everyone throughout our Central Valley community is invited to find more information about the HPSJ Healthy Smiles initiative. Visit our webpage at https://www.hpsj.com/healthysmiles/


For questions about Medi-Cal Dental, previously known as Denti-Cal, and those covered benefits, please see their customer service line at 1-800-322-6384, or visit their website at https://smilecalifornia.org/.

HPSJ does not provide coverage for dental visits, but fluoride tablets, drops, and varnish is a covered benefit.

Remember that old saying? – What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

The oral health version is: What’s good for the kids is good for the adults.

How long should we brush? Two minutes, twice a day adds up to better oral health through the holidays, and far beyond!

© Health Plan of San Joaquin, October 2019, permission to reprint in full with attribution.  

Posted on October 21st, 2019 and last modified on October 21st, 2019.