Member Rewards
We reward our members for taking steps to be healthier

Health Plan of San Joaquin is excited to introduce a brand new program that rewards you for getting your yearly checkups and routine exams. We offer preventive care at no cost to you. Better yet, we reward our members for taking steps to be healthier. Our goal is to help you achieve your health goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What is My Rewards? My Rewards is an incentive program for selected HPSJ members who have not visited their doctor or stayed up-to-date with their health exams and check-ups. Members visit the doctor and text HPSJ proof of their visit. HPSJ checks member’s proof and sends an email to the member with a link to the reward gift card! Questions? Get help now.

If you would like to know if you qualify for other HPSJ rewards please take a look at the list of available exams that you and your family can benefit from.

Posted on October 21st, 2019 and last modified on May 19th, 2021.