HCS Mentorship Program

Offering one-on-one interaction and Fostering
professional development

Mentorship Program

In 2016, Health Plan of San Joaquin expanded the scope of the Health Careers Scholarship Program and added a complementary Mentorship Program. Recipients of the Health Careers Scholarship Program are required to participate in the Mentorship Program.

The purpose of the Mentorship Program is to pair knowledgeable professionals, particularly those in the medical and health care fields, with incoming college freshmen and provide support, reassurance and encouragement for them to continue in the field.

Adesoji Adewumi

Modesto Junior College / Nursing
I chose to become a nurse chief because I wanted to do something that directly impacts people’s lives. It gladdens my heart when I see people who came in ill, often times critically ill, leave the hospital healthy.  “He who saves one life saves the entire world.”

Omar Aguilar

University of the Pacific / Pharmacist
What inspires me to go to school is to feel accomplished in reaching my goals and sharing the appreciation I have with the people who helped me throughout the way. Receiving a good education is a strong foundation towards future success. One other reason I continue attending school is because I would not only want my family to be proud but also be motivated by me.

Danish Khan

University of California Davis / Physician
Living with relatives who refuse to seek medical attention because of their fears and limited support, I want to help people like them within my community. I want people to be aware of the resources available to them and help them lessen their apprehension.” 

Sacy Lopez Flores

UC Berkeley / Medical
What excites me is being able to work in a laboratory and help out others at the same time. If you combine those together, you get a clinical/medical technician, which I hope to become in the future.

Joshua Osburn

San Joquin Delta College / Nursing
I’ve spent the last ten years in pursuit of my place in healthcare. My mom told me early on that I would be a great nurse. I was not convinced. During my journey I worked alongside incredible nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, LVNs, CNAs, radiology technicians and more. I repeatedly found myself drawn to nursing. After working with one particularly talented and compassionate NP, I decided—

I wanted to be an NP. The level of patient connection and teamwork kept enticing my to join. Now that I’m in a nursing program, I am affirmed in my long-term goal to be a nurse practitioner. 

Rebecca Esquivez

Modesto Junior College / Nursing
I am going to school to become a Registered Nurse. In this profession, my main goal is to be a nurse who patients feel comfortable around and who they trust. I strive to be a nurse who truly cares for the physiological state, as well as the mental state of my patients. I aspire to be a nurse with outstanding therapeutic communication. I will always remember why I started; to serve others with kindness and respect. Thank you Health Plan of San Joaquin Health Careers Program for supporting my educational goals. 

Kalamaulihiwa Fatanum

Registered Dietitian / Sacramento State University
By becoming a registered dietitian I will have the ability to better the lives of my patients. Working in the medical field offers numerous opportunities to make an impact on both myself and the community. It is important to upkeep our health through nutritious eating and physical activity in order to live a fulfilling life. 

Genesis Feliciano

CSU Stanislaus / Nursing
I have always been interested in the medical field because I love helping those around me and learning about the human body. Therefore, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. 

Andrea Ramos

San Joquin Delta College / Physician – Family Doctor
For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to become a physician. However, that passion wasn’t solidified until I had the opportunity to participate in Decision Medicine. Decision Medicine taught me how important and rewarding it is to serve your own community as a physician. Last summer, I became a medical assistant. In doing so, I realized how much I love healthcare, working with low-income families, and helping spanish-speaking persons in understanding their health. This is why I plan on studying medicine, becoming a physician, serving and representing as a first-generation Guatemalan-American in the San Joaquin Valley.

The mentor enhances the mentee’s college experience by:

  1. Offering one-on-one interaction
  2. Fostering professional development
  3. Identifying challenges (academic or personal)
  4. Helping to develop goals and providing guidance so that the mentee feels empowered to succeed in the program and stay on-track until graduation and beyond!

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Mentor Testimonials

“It has been such an honor to be part of a scholarship program that supports the success of its students in so many ways. Don’t underestimate what you have to offer to our student mentees. Anyone can be a mentor: the only qualifications are an open mind and a caring spirit. As a mentor, you will have an opportunity to positively impact someone else’s life. And sometimes, the life you end up changing is your own: there are so many ways to reflect and learn more about yourself in the process of helping others. In the words of Maya Angelou, “[To be an effective mentor] you don’t have to know how many square miles are in Idaho, you don’t need to know what is the chemical makeup of blood or water. Know what you know and care about the person, care about what you know and care about the person you’re sharing with.”Kristen Tokunaga
As a mentor, I believe I’ve been effective in helping my mentee Crystal stay on track in her educational goals to become a physician and have fun while doing so! The hallmark of success is to see her return home after graduating and get a job in the Central Valley. If she eventually becomes an HPSJ Provider, then I reached the pinnacle of success as a mentor!”Cheron Vail

Posted on February 27th, 2018 and last modified on September 29th, 2022.