San Joaquin PHYSICIAN, Fall 2020: HPSJ Stories (San Joaquin Medical Society)

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  1. IN THE NEWS: Michael Schrader, Health Plan of San Joaquin CEO – Leading for ongoing preventative care and COVID-era collaborations
  2. On the Road to More Safe Reopening – Well Child Outreach, A Provider/Health Plan of San Joaquin Campaign
  3. PPE RELIEF: CMA Distributes two-month supply of free PPE to more than 40K California Physicians – Local Distribution Held August 7 at Health Plan of San Joaquin
  4. On the Bright Side:  Celebrating our students’ success – HPSJ scholarship support for the Medical Society’s Decision Medicine students and comment from HPSJ’s Chief Medical Officer
  5. HPSJ THANK YOU to providers throughout COVID-19 pandemic

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Posted on September 28th, 2020