TOP TOPICS Monthly Spotlights Just for HPSJ Providers, June 2021

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Early CalFires Season – Helping Providers & Members Prepare

CDC has tools to help serve our members at For members, HPSJ offers detailed support at

When it comes to dangerous fire season air quality, HPSJ asks members to KNOW YOUR COLORS.

The EPA’s AirNow site has information on how to stay safe, at, plus a free app for hyper-local air quality updates so everyone can track their air quality.

Helping Support Your Operations Side – The Latest

  1. Enhanced CLAIMS LOOK-UP TOOL. Track the status of your claim in real-time – The tool now gives the check number and denial reason. Non-Contracted Providers, to access the tool use this form at
  2. Help for your billing team on Government regulatory requirements: Prior Authorizations, National Drug Codes, and Other Health Coverage (OHC) (see April 20 and May 4 Alerts).

COVID-19 Myth bustersHPSJ Myth Busters, COVID-19 Vaccines
The HPSJ Myth Busters helps answer questions based on public health guidance. You can access the Myth Busters at, and the Spanish version at

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PlanScan Winter/Spring 2021
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COMING SOON – Improved Payment Experience for Providers

Have you talked to your doctor?

Look for updates, plus provider staff training, as HPSJ approaches the July 2021 switch-over, at

Posted on June 3rd, 2021 and last modified on June 3rd, 2021.