Transportation Services

Health Plan of San Joaquin offers transportation services to members who need to visit their doctor’s office but do not have a way to get there.

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Emergency (Ambulance) Ambulance services are covered in an emergency or when Health Plan of San Joaquin allows it.

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We cover some kinds of medical ground transportation if you need it to get urgent health care services when it is not medically advisable for you to use a public or private vehicle. We might provide you with litter vans or wheelchair vans, based on your health needs. You must get an ok from your doctor and HPSJ before you can use non-emergency medical transportation. Approval is not needed for non-emergency transportation between medical facilities.

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Non-Medical Transportation to Your Provider
Appointment Transportation may be arranged for scheduled medical office visits to a participating provider. This is to help members who do not have any other means of travel to reach crucial appointments.

First, make your appointment or schedule your class. Then, call the Customer Service Department at: (209) 942-6320, or 1-888-936-PLAN (7526), toll-free (209) 942-6306 (TDD). We will verify your appointment and send you public bus transportation vouchers. Please allow us enough time to arrange for your transportation and mail you the vouchers.

Posted on July 20th, 2015 and last modified on July 29th, 2022.