Ask. Learn. Decide. Health Plan of San Joaquin launches COVID-19 vaccination education and outreach program

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Ask. Learn. Decide.

French Camp, CA) – Health Plan of San Joaquin (HPSJ) has launched a new information and support campaign. It focuses on young adults and communities of color. These groups experience greater disparities in vaccinations for many reasons, including personal choice, misinformation, historical references, religion, and social influence. HPSJ’s goal, working with partners throughout the local community, is to increase COVID-19 vaccinations among HPSJ members with a direct and targeted approach.

Ask. Learn. Decide. is a no-pressure campaign that aims to:

  • Build trust by encouraging people to seek information on their own terms, probe, and uncover the facts
  • Empower people by addressing the topics that are of most concern and making the information readily available and easy to access
  • Encourage communities of color to make their own decisions about receiving the vaccine

To further support Health Plan members and neighbors who are NOT vaccinated, HPSJ is launching a multi-media campaign where they know their members live, shop and work. They are using traditional and digital media, audio and print. Educational materials will be distributed in partnership with the Health Plan provider network – especially the local safety net hospitals and clinics. Also with HPSJ’s local community-based organization partners, with churches and other religious organizations, local retail locations. and schools.

In addition to Ask. Learn. Decide. – HPSJ is increasing support for vaccination and test sites. They are providing coordination and administrative resources, ramping up outreach to Health Plan members and residents, and implementing incentives for members who choose to vaccinate.  

Transportation to testing and vaccination sites is available to HPSJ members by calling 888-936-7526 (PLAN), TDD/TTY 711.

Health Plan says: “It is time for our community to rally around the hardest to reach and most hesitant members and help them understand the risks of not getting vaccinated, as well as the benefits to themselves, their families, and our community as a whole. Our role is to support our members through the decision-making process and to make sure the resources are available for members when they are ready to get vaccinated.”

The Health Plan of San Joaquin website now has a COVID-19 community vaccination and testing calendar at  

About Health Plan of San Joaquin
Health Plan of San Joaquin, a not-for-profit, public health plan, has been serving members and the community since 1996. Located in the heart of California’s multicultural Central Valley, local HPSJ is the leading Medi-Cal managed care provider, serving over 91% of Medi-Cal recipients in San Joaquin County and over 70% in Stanislaus County. HPSJ offers a broad network of providers and works closely with doctors to develop programs and services to ensure quality health care for over 384,000 members who are mostly working families and children, as well as seniors and disabled residents.  

Posted on November 12th, 2021 and last modified on November 15th, 2021.