TOP TOPICS Monthly Spotlights Just for HPSJ Providers, November 2020

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November 25, 2020 – Volume Two

HPSJ Expands Access to Flu Vaccine
Due to concerns about possible concurrent contracting of Covid-19 and Flu, Health Plan of San Joaquin has expanded access for members to receive the protections of this year’s flu shot. As of Nov 9, 2020, any HPSJ Member can get their flu shot from any HPSJ contracted provider.

  • For Members 19 years and older: providers will be reimbursed for both the vaccine and administration; members can get the flu vaccine at the doctor’s office or pharmacy.
  • For children under 19 years: providers will be reimbursed only for administration; the vaccine is provided via VFC (Vaccines for Children Program).

Please note:
For HPSJ members not being seen by their assigned provider, this expanded access applies only to influenza vaccination and not to any additional services and benefits.

Pushing Back on a COVID Winter
From your positions of trust, please join HPSJ in continuing to promote safe behaviors throughout the holidays.That includes celebrating with just those already in the household and connecting virtually with others.

Flu Season


2020 Vision of Behavioral Health
Recorded Nov LOOK & LEARN is online

If HPSJ Members are feeling overwhelmed:

  • Get help from HPSJ Customer Service or your county mental health services
  • Call Beacon Health Strategies, 1-888-581-7526



Medi-Cal Rx: Now starts April 1, 2021
Per (Nov 16) DHCS guidance, the effective date for the pharmacy carve out has been moved three months, to April 1, 2021. DHCS asks that providers use this extra time to prepare; see (4) Things you can do NOW!

MEANWHILE: No Change –
Until April 1st when the benefit transitions, HPSJ will continue to offer the pharmacy benefit for our members.

In one of our network hopsitals

Any patient admitted to a hospital for a procedure should be asked if they have had their flu vaccination.

If they have not already received one, they should be offered a vaccination, unless their is a medical reason for not getting one.

Members: “Stay in control – Go in for health exams + myRewards”

  • Well Child 0-15 Months; 3-6 Years; 12-19 Years
  • Diabetes A1C (Blood Sugar) exam
  • Prenatal
  • Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Breast Cancer Screening

Posted on November 25th, 2020 and last modified on January 26th, 2021.