Medi-Cal Evidence of Coverage EOC
Questions about COVID-19

Your new 2022 Evidence of Coverage (EOC) is available

The EOC contains information about access and care, benefits and services, language support, claims, and complaints and appeals.

You can now download or view a copy online!


Focus Your Health

Fall 2022

-Flu Season
-Stay Safe During Fire Season and Power Outages
-Medication Coverage
-Keep Your Medi-Cal Active


Questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

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Do not wait until YOU are sick to think about this. Take time to know what kind of services YOU need and where to go when you need it.

What kind of care do you need?

Routine / Urgent / ER Care


What kind of care do you need?

Routine / Urgent / ER Care


Each year you must renew your or your family's Medi-Cal eligibility. HPSJ members can get FREE help filling out their Annual Redetermination packet.

Annual Medi-Cal Redetermination

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Posted on June 14th, 2019 and last modified on October 3rd, 2022.