Thinking about quitting tobacco?

Kick It California can help you quit smoking, vaping, or chew.

  • Call 1-800-300-8086 or Spanish 1-800-600-8191 Monday – Friday 7 AM – 9 PM or Saturday 9 AM – 5 PM
A video byKick It California

What Happens When You Quit Tobacco?

You may start to notice you’re not only breathing easier. Walking is simpler. Below are some of the many health benefits of quitting within the first two weeks.

A video by Kick It California
A video by Kick It California

Vaping is NOT Quitting

E-cigarettes are not FDA-approved quit smoking tools. In many cases they have more nicotine and are more addictive. They also have chemicals that are not made to be inhaled especially with certain flavors. Learn more at

Withdrawal Symptoms

Going through withdrawal is painful, but it’s a sign your body is healing and getting rid of toxins. If you have symptoms after quitting, they will be strongest in the first few days. They often go away in 2-4 weeks and having a coping plan can help.

Common signs are:

  • Having cravings
  • Feeling on edge‚ grouchy
  • Feeling restless and jumpy
  • Having trouble thinking clearly and focusing
  • Feeling down or sad
  • Having trouble sleeping
  • Slower heart rate
  • Feeling hungrier or gaining weight
Next Step: Getting Quit Aids

*Quit aids are covered, talk to your doctor who can help you get the right choice for you.
  • Talk with your doctor
    • Let them know you want to quit
    • Get a prescription for a quit aid like patches, gum, lozenges, Zyban, Chantix, or other choices.
  • Join Kick It California
  • Take your prescription to the drugstore
    • If your doctor prescribed patches, gum, lozenges, Chantix or Zyban, you can most likely get it right away
    • If you are prescribed the nicotine inhaler or spray it will take a few weeks. The pharmacist needs to send a Treatment Authorization Request (TAR).

Curious about what is asked when you call the CA Smoker’s Helpline, listen to these calls:

Doctor and Patient

Supportive Tools


Get tailored texts to help along the way. You can also send questions at any time and a counselor will reply within one business day.

  • English: Text “Quit Smoking” to 66819 or Text “Quit Vaping” to 66819
  • Chinese: 戒烟 / 戒煙 66819 / 戒电子烟 / 戒電子煙 66819
  • Korean: 금연 66819 / 베이프 금연 66819
  • Vietnamese: Bỏ hút thuốc 66819 / Bỏ Vape 66819

Mobile Apps

No Vape – Crush Cravings iPhones & Android
No Butts
– Quit Smoking iPhones & Android
Mobile Apps

Health Plan of San Joaquin support

HealthReach 24/7 Advice Nurse Line

healthReachHPSJ offers this aid to help you with your questions when your doctor’s office is closed. Speak with a Nurse and ask questions about any health problems you’re having. Quitting can bring a lot of sudden changes to your body.

If you are feeling sick and aren’t sure what to do, the Advice Nurse Line can help, 800.655.8294.

Carelon Behavioral Health


Carelon (previously known as Beacon Health Options) links you to supportive, trained counselors. They can help you overcome blocks you might go through when trying to quit. Nicotine can change your mood, so when you’re trying to quit you might find that your more annoyed, stressed, or nervous. If you have other mental health conditions Carelon can help, 888.581.7526.

healthReachContact HPSJ
Find a list of all HPSJ telephone numbers and a list of FAQ’s questions.

healthReachOnline Access
Access your HPSJ information online, open an account now!

healthReachCase Management
Needing to work with a nurse? Our Case Management program can help.

Local Support

San Joaquin County

San Joaquin County

STOPP Coalition

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