HCS Mentorship Program

Offering one-on-one interaction and Fostering
professional development


2016 年,聖華金健康計劃擴大了健康職業獎學金計劃的範圍,並增加了一項補充指導計劃。 健康職業獎學金計劃的獲得者必須參加指導計劃。



Arshdeep Gill


I was inspired to go to school after seeing my mother suffer from chronic arthritis and other incurable diseases. She always had a hard time communicating with her doctors due to her language barrier which is why I want to make a difference by becoming a doctor who speaks both English and Punjabi to serve the growing Indian community in San Joaquin County. I want to make sure everyone in my community receives the proper health care they deserve no matter what language they speak.


通過成為註冊營養師,我將有能力改善患者的生活。 在醫療領域工作提供了許多對我自己和社區產生影響的機會。 為了過上充實的生活,重要的是通過營養豐富的飲食和體育活動來維持我們的健康。


Alma Limon Bravo

Franciscan University of Steubenville
My passion for medicine is rooted in two particular stories. The first of the stories is that of a family friend’s baby boy who struggled to be delivered and continues to face ongoing medical problems including long stays at the hospital and open-heart surgery. The second of these stories involves my own grandfather who, by medicine and science, improved his quality of life and was able to flourish due to the medical care he received at the end of his life. A similarity between both of these stories is the involvement that cardiac care had with both my friend’s baby and grandfather. This, together with a medical terminology class I took in high school, began to strengthen my passion for the medical field, specifically in cardiac surgery. Every time I step foot on hospital grounds a sense of home comes upon me, a unique feeling that I experience nowhere besides walking through hospital halls and strengthens my desire to pursue the medical field.


Sofia Perez

San Joaquin Delta College / Registered Nurse
I have always been interested in the medical field. During my life journey I have met so many people that have inspired me to become a registered nurse and strive to provide a holistic approach to my patients. There is a great need for healthcare workers in the San Joaquin Valley, my goal is to contribute and help this community. I hope to inspire the generations that come after me to pursue their education and fulfill their dreams. Thank you Health Plan of San Joaquin Health Careers Program for supporting my education!

awardees Mentorship Program


加州大學伯克利分校 / 醫學
I go to school because I am inspired to have a prosperous and healthy future. It might sound selfish, but coming from a low-income family, I want to provide for myself and travel the world once I get my dream job. I wish to work in the laboratory with my Bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell Biology. I also hope I can turn to the Health Plan of San Joaquin once I graduate in the future to help me with my first career. 

awardees Mentorship Program

Ahmad Karabala

California Northstate University, College of Health Sciences / Decision Medicine
I believe that Decision Medicine helped push me into pursuing medicine as a career, as I found the career I would enjoy. I’ve always wanted to help others, and have always been interested in the medical field. Being able to visit local hospitals and see the team based approach as well as the overall day in of a physician helped greatly in my decision making. I believe that decision medicine has now influenced me into pursuing my dream of becoming a specialist, such as an oncologist, or a neurologist.


  1. 提供一對一互動
  2. 促進專業發展
  3. 識別挑戰(學術或個人)
  4. 幫助制定目標並提供指導,使學員感到有能力在計劃中取得成功,並在畢業之前一直保持正軌!


我們確信您對 HPSJ 的健康職業獎學金計劃有很多疑問。 請立即訪問常見問題解答頁面以獲取更多信息。


HCSP Mentorship Program
“能夠參與一項以多種方式支持學生取得成功的獎學金計劃,我感到非常榮幸。 不要低估您必須為我們的學員提供的服務。 任何人都可以成為導師:唯一的條件是開放的思想和關懷的精神。 作為導師,您將有機會積極影響他人的生活。 有時,你最終改變的生活是你自己的:在幫助他人的過程中,有很多方法可以反映和更多地了解自己。 用 Maya Angelou 的話來說,“[成為一名有效的導師] 你不必知道愛達荷州有多少平方英里,也不必知道血液或水的化學成分是什麼。 知道你知道什麼,關心這個人,關心你知道什麼,關心你與之分享的人。” - 克里斯汀德永
HCSP Mentorship Program
作為一名導師,我相信我一直有效地幫助我的學員 Crystal 保持她的教育目標,成為一名醫生,並在此過程中獲得樂趣! 成功的標誌是看到她畢業後回到家鄉並在中央山谷找到一份工作。 如果她最終成為 HPSJ 提供者,那麼我作為導師達到了成功的頂峰!” - 雪龍韋爾

Posted on February 27th, 2018 and last modified on March 20th, 2023.